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Born to move

New program conceived by Mills, famous designer of the Bodycombat, the Bodypump, etc.

4 programs of training which are completely dedicated to the youth, by taking into account the tastes and the needs for every age bracket, in a respectful atmosphere of each and filled with "Enjoyment"!

The classes lean on the last searches regarding development in an imaginary world which explores the music and the movement. BORN TO MOVE it's especially to have fun by learning to like the sport.

BTM 2-3 years

Here is a class of 45 minutes in which you, or the person in charge of your child, is invited to participate. The music is written for the seance, the words are so many sung instructions, guiding the children through simple movements developing the consciousness of the body and the balance. The lesson leans on the last searches regarding development.


BTM 4-5 years

The children of this age are fans of stories, and in this class of 45 minutes, words are written to imply the children in a narrative. When they move, they develop their balance, the weighty transfer of the body, and the concentration, while learning to move in rhythm and to interpret the music.


BTM 6-8 years

This course introduces fundamental driving capacities by using the funny rather than the formal exercises. The children of this age bracket have mainly a visual memory. Thus the instructor puts the accent on the visual demonstration of the movements which the children can copy easily. The choreography is based on the knowledge of the body, the balance, the coordination and the control. The contents are co-created with children and music is pulled from their world. The format of the course is of 45 minutes.


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